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These 4 Off The Beaten Path U.S. Destinations Are Perfect For An End Of Summer Getaway

These 4 Off The Beaten Path U.S. Destinations Are Perfect For An End Of Summer Getaway

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Summer never seems long enough. Before you know it, the days will get shorter, the weather will be colder, and the season of sunshine and freedom will end.

With the end of summer approaching, you may feel anxious about taking one last trip before the fall. But you don’t want to go just anywhere. You want to go somewhere relaxing, beautiful, and not crowded.

Amelia island

While an international trip may sound appealing, many destinations in the U.S. can serve as the perfect summer escape.

The islands of Hawaii, off the coast of Florida, South Carolina, and Oregon, are home to little-known places that can be your end-of-summer getaway.

Green hills with a blue water lagoon

1. Molokai, Hawaii

Hawaii is littered with tourists this time of year. While that may be true for the big island, Molokai is a small island that is not on the radar for most tourists.

One of the reasons why it’s not a highly visited place is because the people and government of Molokai don’t want it to be. The island has resisted chain hotels, cruise ships, and other large-scale tourism.

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pebble beach with blue water

While it may seem like they are anti-outsiders, this 38-mile-long island is trying to attract a specific type of visitor.

Instead of the tourists who only want to take photos, the island invites tourists that are curious. People that want to learn about the culture and land they are visiting.

The people of the island want travelers that will be respectful during their visits and mindful of their impact on the island.

humpback whale jumpinh out of the water

If you’re an ideal guest, you’ll enjoy the island’s beauty without the typical problems of tourism, such as overcrowding, traffic, and pollution.

In a landscape mostly made up of cliffs, the island is home to Pāpōhaku Beach, one of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches.

You can also enjoy the Halawa Valley tour that takes you to Moaula Falls and passes through an ancient Hawaiian village.

2. Edisto Island, South Carolina

While major cities in South Carolina focus on commercial development, Edisto Island is the opposite.

A place of natural beauty and over five miles of beaches, this charming island offers visitors an escape from the big city life.

The island focuses on preserving its family-oriented lifestyle. In addition, there is much support given to local artists and business owners.

Path way leading to the ocean with at sunset

On the island, you won’t find brand-name stores. Instead, you’ll find locally owned clothing boutiques, gift shops, and bookstores. You can also visit local crafters at the Bay Creek Arts and Crafts Market.

Edisto Island is a place that can bring you back to simpler times.

3. Tillamook Coast, Oregon

As things start to heat up towards the end of summer, the natural inclination is to head to the water. And one of those places you’ll want to visit is Tillamook Coast in Oregon.

The main attraction is the surf, yet, the coast offers a variety of other water activities. Kayaking, rafting, fishing, crabbing, and clamming are great ways to explore the water without the crowds.

When you’re all cooled off from the water activities, Tillamook has a ton of culture and history to explore. You can visit the Tillamook Air Museum to experience history by viewing blimp hangars from World War II.

Coast with cliffs with green trees above crashing waves

One of Tillamook’s biggest highlights is its coastal ride on a historic steam locomotive. On this ride, you’ll get stunning ocean and bay views.

4. Amelia Island, Flordia

Everyone knows the Florida Keys is one of the state’s biggest attractions. Yet, looking past the typical destination, you can find Amelia Island.

With 13 miles of beaches, you won’t have any problem finding a place to pitch your umbrella in the sand. This island is known for its tranquil island vibes.

Overseas highway in the florida keys

From May through October, the island is a host to one of the many wonders of nature. Turtles will come to the shore to lay their eggs during these months.

While you’re visiting, you can take part in nest excavation. Once the baby turtles have emerged from their nests and crawled to the ocean, selected volunteers come in when the nests are empty.

Volunteers then excavate the nests for leftover materials, unhatched eggs, and baby turtles who may need help making it to the sea.

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