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Explore Italy’s Most Delicious Regions On This New Train Route 

Explore Italy’s Most Delicious Regions On This New Train Route 

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Italian food is considered some of the most delicious cuisine in the world.  

Most of us are fans of pizza, pasta, and loaded cones full of gelato.

But Italy also boasts delicious dishes for a more sophisticated pallet, such as truffles, fine wines, and incredible cheeses. 

Vineyard in Piedmont region in Northern ItalyVineyard in Piedmont region in Northern Italy

With train travel exploding in popularity, there’s no better way to explore the best food that Italy has to offer.  

And a new train route is making it easier than ever to explore Italy’s most delicious regions. 

Here’s what you need to know:  

Exploring The Region Of Piedmont 

It may not be the most popular part of Italy but the country’s Piedmont region, which sits in the northwest, is famous for its delicious wine and rich truffles.  

It is also home to a huge number of Michelin-starred restaurants.  

A train of Trenitalia in an Italian train station at sunset. Asti, Piedmont, Italy.A train of Trenitalia in an Italian train station at sunset. Asti, Piedmont, Italy.

Basically, the region is a Mecca for foodies!  

And now food loving travelers can take a new train route between the town of Asti (which is famous for the sweet sparkling wine of the same name) and the town of Alba.  

Alba is unofficially known as the world’s white truffle capital.  

The route between the two towns runs on weekdays 6 times a week.  

Roma square in Asti with a beautiful palaceRoma square in Asti with a beautiful palace

It’s a great way to explore a lesser-known part of Italy and to really embrace Italian culture.  

Exciting Wine Festivals 

Asti Spumante is considered an affordable alternative to champagne, but even if you ignore the price tag, I actually prefer the sweet and uncomplicated flavor of sparkling Asti.  

It is the most famous wine of the region, but the dessert wine Moscato d’Asti is a big hit, too, and well worth trying if you’re in the area.  

If exploring Italy in the heat of the summer doesn’t appeal then visit Piedmont to ride its trains in the fall instead. 

landscape of Monferrato (Asti, Piedmont, Italy) at summer, with vineyardslandscape of Monferrato (Asti, Piedmont, Italy) at summer, with vineyards

During the fall months, the town of Asti hosts not just 1 but 2 wine festivals which have an incredible, lively atmosphere and attract big crowds.  

These are the Douja d’Or festival and the Festival delle Sagre.  

Truffles For Everyone 

Hop on the new train and take the route from Asti to Alba where you can enjoy some of the world’s best white truffles.  

This train journey takes around an hour and can cost as little as $5 when tickets are purchased in advance.  

houses and medieval towers under beautiful sky in Alba, Piedmont, Northern Italy.houses and medieval towers under beautiful sky in Alba, Piedmont, Northern Italy.

The town of Alba is surrounded by beautiful woodland where you will often find hunters and their dogs sniffing out these prized truffles. Meaning it should come as no surprise that they’re frequently used in the high quality restaurants here too!  

The white truffle grows underground in specific woodland areas and has a pungent and unforgettable smell and taste. They’re incredibly expensive because they’re so rare and hard to find.  

White truffles on a tray in Alba ItalyWhite truffles on a tray in Alba Italy

And if you’re palette enjoys something a little simpler than truffles or if you have a sweet tooth? Then Alba is also the birthplace of Nutella. Everyone’s favorite Italian sweet treat!  

It’s worth noting that, even aside from the delicious food opportunities, both Asti and Alba are ancient, elegant, and architecturally beautiful towns well worth exploring in their own right.  

From neoclassical churches to town halls that dominate the skyline, they’re towns that offer photo opportunities everywhere you turn.  

Increased Rail Investment 

Rail travel is exploding in popularity both across Europe and around the world right now.  

Train At The Station In Italy, EuropeTrain At The Station In Italy, Europe

And the northern Italian region of Piedmont is joining the crowd and investing heavily in new rail routes. In fact, the route from Alba to Asti is just the beginning of this.  

Next January, an additional line will be reopened between Cuneo and Savigliano.  

Early next year, Ceva will be connected to Ormea.  

With each of these destinations also boasting their own delicious culinary treats, as well as being charming spots in their own right, this will make taking a rail tour of Northern Italy more appealing than ever before.  

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